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ntXdll is an ActiceX Dll, which provides a lot of objects to handle internal Windows® NT functions in an easy way. With ntXdll, you are able to document or administrate NT computers via VBScript, VBA, Visual Basic or other languages, which support COM (Common Object Model).
Administrate your NT computers with objects. There are enough Script languages to work with and administrators don't have to work with the console and with batch files to automate their tasks.

ntXdll provides an ActiveX Dll (developed with Microsoft® Visual Basic® 6.0) with

  • Internal functions (APIs) of NT and other little helpers, encapsulated in objects
  • easy handling
  • detailed help
  • for use in VB, VBA, VC++, VBScript and other languages, which support COM objects
  • no upgrade costs. the new version works with the licence keyfile of the older versions

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