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or send the filled out, printed and signed
order form with your complete address to

Frank Seidel
Kurfürstenstr. 8
71636 Ludwigsburg

After the order with the order form, you get a bill with the amount of money to pay an with the account informations. You also will get the current version of the license file keyfile.ntx via EMail with a customers number.

You must copy the license file in the directory, where the file ntXdll.dll is installed. Then, your evaluation, which you have downloaded and installed before, will be upgraded to a full version. This file can be valid a certain time for later versions.

With your order, you accept the product Warranty and Licencing conditions of ntXdll. Because ntXdll can be tested without limitation (there is only a nag screen), I cannot accept any returns.

I please you to specify your customers number if you have some (for example, if you have ordered a fewer version in the past).

In special cases after an order, I can send you via EMail an additional version without keyfile. Then, the licensing information will be hard coded in the software. This might be interesting for developers for example, who have to distribute ntXdll with their software.


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